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Mobile Device Charging Stations
Once you're in the lounge, you may not leave. To stay connected and powered up with the 10 USB charging stations ready to serve you.
4 Flat Screen Televisions
The lounge is equipped with 4 flat screen LCD televisions, allowing you to watch multiple games at the same time, display a corporate promotional video or show off your wedding DVD; the possibilities are endless.
Dual Refrigerators
Inside the lounge are dual mini-fridges and a pair of wine racks to make storing and serving all the beverages needed for your special occasion
Air Filtration & Conditioning
The lounge comes equipped with heating and air conditioning as well as an air filtration system, ensuring the cabin stays comfortable and smoke-free.
High-End Stereo Sound System
The lounge is equipped with a high-end stereo sound system that not only sounds incredible but is configured to place the power and control in the hands of you, the client.

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The lounge is made for smoking cigars! Aroma makes up 80% of taste when enjoying a cigar. The smell of cigarettes can cut through the air and ruin the taste and experience of those around you. Therefore, premium hand rolled cigars are the only smoking permitted inside of the trailer.

Even though we provide the cigars, as cigar enthusiasts, we know how it feels to have those cigars aging in the humidor, just longing to be burned for that special occasion. We would be more than thrilled if you chose to enjoy that cigar with us.

The Airstream is designed to run on relatively low power. Except for extreme heat when air conditioning is required, it’s able to plug into any 120 volt/20 amp plug. Using a whisper quiet inverter generator, we can, however, still arrive fully self-powered allowing us to be a seamless part of nearly any venue or destination.

What is a cigar lounge without your choice of libation? Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the cigar lounge but are not provided by The Traveling Tobacconist. We can, however, assist you in serving drinks to your guests.

At any point, 15-20 people can comfortably sit in the lounge and enjoy a cigar. The space we provide is intended, however, to be a more organic and casual experience. We also provide additional outdoor seating utilizing both a casual lounge seating and mid-century furniture, making it extra comfortable and inviting guests to come and go at their leisure, allowing us to serve events that have participants into the hundreds with ease.

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