Short answer, Yes! Long answer, aroma makes up 80% of taste when smoking a cigar. The smell of cigarettes can cut through the air and ruin the taste and experience of those around you. Therefore, premium hand rolled cigars are the only smoking permitted inside of the trailer.

At any point 15-20 people can comfortably sit in the lounge and enjoy a cigar. The space we provide is intended, however, to be a more organic and casual experience. The outdoor space has a backyard bistro feel, making it extra comfortable and inviting guests to come and go at their leisure, allowing us to serve events that have participants into the hundreds with ease.

The Airstream is designed to run on relatively low power and is able to plug into any 120 volt/20 amp plug. We can, however, still arrive fully self-powered allowing us to be a seamless part of nearly any venue or destination.

This completely depends on the event you are planning. Our events begin with a 3-hour minimum through week-long events. Call or email us to discuss options for your event.

Yes. We will work with any company who wishes to sponsor The Traveling Tobacconist at your event. We offer signage options on the exterior windows and prominent displays of the sponsor’s products or services on the interior walls of our lounge, door and counter space. Promotional DVDs may also be viewed on any of our four TVs. As an added bonus, we can also create custom cigars for unique branding exposure.

Yes. We provide at least one Cigarista and Tobacconist for each event. They are trained and educated to provide first class, professional service.

With each booking an allotment of premium hand rolled cigars are provided. Additional cigars are available for the guests to purchase or we can arrange to offer an Open Cigar Bar as an option for your guests. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options that will suit you best.

Yes. We can design and create personalized cigar bands for your special occasion. This is ideal for weddings, corporate fundraisers and other memorable occasions.

Yes. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the cigar lounge, but not provided by The Traveling Tobacconist. We can, however, assist you in serving drinks to your guests.

Light snacks can be provided by The Traveling Tobacconist. Using one of our catering partners, we can also help you arrange this service depending on the food requested.

Of course! As cigar enthusiasts, we know how it feels to have those cigars aging in the humidor, just longing to be burned for that special occasion. We would be more than thrilled if you chose to enjoy that cigar with us.

Absolutely! You can print one by clicking right here.



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